Art Machines – Past and Present

Group Exhibition at Indra and Harry Banga Gallery

24.11.2020 – 21.02.2021

“Art Machines: Past · Present,” co-curated by Profs Richard Allen and Jeffrey Shaw from the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, explores the long-standing connection between art-making and machines. Starting with aesthetic modernism in art and film and tracking the emergence of cybernetic art in the post-war period, the exhibition provides a context for understanding new media art within this tradition of artmaking through and with machines, exploring the diverse facets of this relationship: robotic art; sound art; computational art, machine learning art, etc.

Using these categories, the curators have selected works from such contemporary Hong Kong artists as Samson Young, Kingsley Ng, Carla Chan, Max Hattler, Tamas Waliczky, Tobias Klein, Miu Ling Lam, Tomas Laurenzo, Leung Chi Wo, Ryo Ikeshiro, Hector Rodriguez, Bryan Chung, and Vvzela Kook, to name a few. The range and breadth of artistic production connects back to earlier art machines, while also taking the public forward into an unknown, often imaginary future.


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Studio Tobias Klein is a practice operating in the ‘between’ of architecture; across the fields of art, installation, experimental design, interactivity, and sculpture.

Trained internationally as an architect, the work of Tobias Klein maintains a fascination with the construct of space, while questioning the modern image of its understanding, instigating a re-positioning between embodiment, perception and projection. The works constantly evolve between static and dynamic models, shifting from objects to installations and design, prospecting new visual territories in the field of narrated embodied space.

The work of the practice is linked to academic research at the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong where Tobias Klein holds the position of Associate Professor. For inquiries regarding internships or Ph.D. research positions, please email: ktobias (at) cityu (dot) edu (dot) hk

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