1510 Art Silicon Valley

Art Silicon Valley

San Mateo Country Event Center, CA, USA

October 8 – October 15th, 2015

Centrally located between Silicon Valley and San Francisco, the fair was the first of its kind in the Bay Area, seeking to spotlight investment-quality works of art alongside important emerging and new media artists. This included a special exhibition of monumental Banksy works from his 2013 New York City residency, John Carpenter’s Dandelion Clock interactive art video, and a solo exhibition of Tobias Klein’s works with Industry.

In total 5 works, including, SLOW SELFIE IV, Inversive Embodiment, and The Invisible Human Pelvis were shown, forming a space of material exploration in what started to become known as post-digital.

The development of materials able to embody amalgamated interactive narratives as a part of interdisciplinary research can hardly be underestimated. In bringing together artistic expression and scientific methodology we aim to change our engagement with design processes in all design-related industries.

These works are laying the foundations to generate new design typologies using adaptable and precise material translations and are contributing to the fields of material science and art production.


Craig Applebaum