0712 Soft Immortality Heart

Dimensions: 15 x 25 x 25 cm
Material: 3D print (resin based objet print)

SI-01 is sited within the seamless transitional fluctuation of a real/virtual body, an extended and projected body, where the traditional dichotomy between inner and outer space is dissolved. It aims on various levels to establish an understanding of soft moldable space in a computational, rational as well as a poetic sense. Soft immortality derives from non-euclidian spaces and dependencies, densities rather than point geometries and rational triangulated realities.

Space, here, is generated as an inherited property of density; it dissolves boundaries in favor of a state of flux. SI-01 Is the core amalgamation within the Exuberance series – a solid organelle described through various density states within the MRI- scanning of the heart. Objects of varying densities are allowed to interact with each-other: solid, semi-opaque, organ-like ‘syncretic transplants’ are suspended, themselves both single objects and part of a greater whole. The choreography of light through the subtly installation creates permutations determined by density, translucency and reflection. The body’s densities are imaged, digitized, manipulated, projected and re-imagined. There is tentative four-dimensional representation: a simulacrum.