1100 Reflexive Continuum


For the duration of one week a regular train wagon is transformed into a construct of animatronic virtuality. Objects are flirting with the in-between of actual and virtual – constantly shifting their position in relation to the visitor in an ever fluid continuum. Reflexive Continuum pursues the duality of actual and digital objects and their interchangeable, reactive character.

Code-embedded objects react to the user’s presence via approximation sensors and translate their presence into the creation of digital wind, continuously measuring the visitor’s distance towards an object to physically change the embedded code. These interface characters are suspended from the ceiling, creating a realm of front and back side. Whereas the user finds on the one side the sensors to interact with and the screen that outputs the scenario, the camera that operates the setting reads its information from the back side. The object is rendered a semi-permeable membrane, dissolving the boundary between the physical and the digital: the immersive installation augments the digital with the physical and vice versa. This creates reflexive loop between the object and the user as extended observer; the observer is part of the system of virtual seduction. The reflexivity disconnects the person from physical objects and uses their action as trigger for the electronic templates. A constant interaction between reality and virtual-reality is created alluding to an endless continuum from physicality to the ephemeral, airy heights of coded data.