1302 Virtual Sunset II

From the 9th of February, 2013, until the 20th of March, 2013 – the day of global equinox – the Industry Gallery, Washington DC will exhibit the newest work of Studio Tobias Klein – virtual sunset- a globally connected live installation, exploring the ephemeral notion of the sunset as an everlasting continuous global event and its equivalent in our ever expanding networked environment.Set between our networked digital reality and the actuality of the geographic location of the Industry Gallery at Washington DC, the work is the first crowd-sourced choreographed global sunset.By participation and uploading our snapshots of the ephemeral sublime of a sunset – the crowdsourced and mixded qualities of all our digital memories of past, photographed and life uploadedsunsets define the intensity and quality, the level of synchronisation between actual and virtual sunset.

These moments are then projected in real-time onto silicone translucent tubing to create athree-dimensional ephemeral artwork that captures the transient but sublime nature of a sunset—turning what can often be a private, secluded moment into a collective, tangible experience.For 40 days and nights – projecting globally collected and shared photos of all our private sunsets and correlating the virtual time with the actuality of the daily crescendo of the actual sunset overWashington, virtual sunset becomes an autark event – when simulation becomes simulacra. Through modulation and precise timing, the work achieves the creation of artificial time zones -synchronized web-realities with the daily returning phenomena of the sunset.

Please help us to create the most intense globally created sunset by uploading your sunset images. sharing your images of sunsets will create a new global event.