0706 Soft Immortality Body

Polymer (clear), 3D print (Polyjet),
piano wire (ø 0.8 mm), 38 x 33 x 77 cm
black marble base (3 x 45 x 90 cm)

Soft Immortality is a direct result of sculpting the embodied data constructs and formal qualities of the author’s, my, body within the use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and its adjacent Voxel datasets. It is a series of 3 works, Heart, Body, and Connective Tissue.

Soft Immortality explores the human body as a new ecology of densities. The technologically enhanced dissolution of the body’s anatomical boundaries allows the reconsideration and recreation of it as a new physical territory in constant flux and change. It questions the common representations of the body in the digital realm as a series of surfaces and layers, and creates a potentially new status where the modulation of the body’s inner and outer surfaces becomes irrelevant. By using advanced medical visualisation techniques as both method and tool to redesign the body with variable intensities of matter, the obsolete notion of a finite body is exposed in favour of a new type of body-space that is, above all, a viscous field of variable concentrations of mass and matter.

The object is entirely made as a 3d print out of a UV reactive resin. The resin, still curing within the core structures of the object allows the object to continuously slightly move and re-work tensions in the material and alter the undefined finite shape. This understanding of inanimate material properties and their articulation in a controlled response is as much part of the ecology of the object as the use of a thin base of black Belgian Marble – reflecting the dendritic structures between the visceral state of the newly defined organs. Light becomes a translator and the organs a reconstruction of the body – fragmented in a dissolved structure.