1004 Voided Embodiment

Dimensions: 40 x 90 x 60 cm
Material: Water Colour paper (laser cut), CNC milled plywood

Voided Embodiment explores the void/mass relationship in the constructed spatial configurations of St Paul’s within the context of perception and configurations of representation. Within the notion of the baroque fascination of the ellipsoid as a dual centered geometry, the model utilises the ellipsoid intersection of the previous study models as a solid euclidean geometry out of which either the space itself or the mass of the dome is cut.

The resulting construct, seemingly floating, re-articulates a shift in the positioning of the viewer towards the object, denying finite position and gravity as given constraints of spatial perception.The construction of the mass relationship is articulated within the layered structure, denying its lightness by deforming the ground condition and denting the solid plywood.