0608 Synthetic Syncretism Sacristy

Dimensions: 25 x 35 x 50 cm
Material: 3D print (z-corp)

Wandering through spaces, overloaded with spiked virtuality, and bounded by convoluted surfaces of an intricate nature, the light of the late sun shines for a moment through one of the rose windows, illuminating the sacristy.  The crystalline structures of the emerged heart start to glow and it appears that they suck the light deep inside their cataclysmic body. The play of light reminds of angels and saints in the light of early morning. Scared to touch the crisp surface of the fragile alienated organ, the materiality is the same as the carved marble statues of the necropolis maybe they are actually part of the same ballet displaced in time and space but belonging to the same family. It might be one of those beautiful figures on the graveyard that was shredded, milled and pulverised to extract the substance to build the virtual part of the object.