0607 Synthetic Syncretism Yemayá

Starch and plaster, binder and
flexible epoxy infiltrant (white),
3D print (Z-printing), lamb shoulder bone
10 x 16 x 11 cm

Yemayá is one of 5 works of the Synthetic Syncretism series. The works series explores a liminal state between belief and actual space, translated into the realm of 3D scanning and printing of found and constructed artefacts – hybrid relicts.

Shaped and moulded and symbiotically connected to the immaterial geometry of the bone, the relict becomes by the nature of its very connection, the organ of a larger entity. Objects can no longer belong to one perceptive medium as they flirt with the virtual and have an inherited longing for their expression into reality. The ornament as a miniature is able to be, in its coherent formal destination, without scale. It becomes a celebration of the inherited urge to be moulded, shaped and connected to its host medium; the reality.

The relict epitomises the artificial relation between an augmented cultural state within a naturally grown entity. The relict is able to vacillate and transcend scale, functionality and becomes a bearer of narration in materialised form, adhering to the traces of the former.

The relict bears the residue of a sacrosanct ritual within the Santarian religion – the entrance of a new priest. the shoulder bone of a lamb builds the foundation of this residue of the act of sacrificing.