Metamorphosis or Confrontation

20th May – 6th December 2020

The exhibition presents an exceptional range of artworks by German-born, Hong Kong-based artist Tobias Klein. By exploring the application of 3D printing in architecture, art, design, and interactive media installations, Klein creates a fusion of contemporary CAD/CAM technologies, constructed from natural materials, found objects, and historical references.

Praised for his ability to engineer and re-conceptualise possibilities within this technology, Klein’s work as a sculptor is not limited to 3D printing techniques. For example, during a residency at the Pilchuck Glass School, he collaborated with master glass blowers who investigated the boundaries of glassmaking by following his computer-aided designs. These novel glass creations would later be merged with Klein’s resin 3D prints.

This retrospective of fifteen years of artistic production also marks a new beginning in relation to his unprecedented analysis of contemporary artistic materials with the emerging field of Digital Craftsmanship. Whether Klein is working solely with 3D printed resin or combining his creations with more traditional materials — he consistently surprises and delights audiences with a fusion of novel technologies and traditional techniques.

Dr Florian Knothe. Director, University Museum and Art Gallery, University of Hong Kong

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Studio Tobias Klein is a practice operating in the ‘between’ of architecture; across the fields of art, installation, experimental design, interactivity, and sculpture.

Trained internationally as an architect, the work of Tobias Klein maintains a fascination with the construct of space, while questioning the modern image of its understanding, instigating a re-positioning between embodiment, perception and projection. The works constantly evolve between static and dynamic models, shifting from objects to installations and design, prospecting new visual territories in the field of narrated embodied space.

The work of the practice is linked to academic research at the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong where Tobias Klein holds the position of Associate Professor. For inquiries regarding internships or Ph.D. research positions, please email: ktobias (at) cityu (dot) edu (dot) hk

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